Compostable Bagasse Takeaway Boxes

This is our versatile range of compostable bagasse takeaway boxes. This recycled sugarcane fibre has 99% less carbon than polystyrene and can be used between -15˚C and 120˚C in the oven, microwave or freezer. Breathable, so keeps chips and hot food crispy.

Code Product Case count
B003 6in bagasse burger box 500
B001 7 x 5in bagasse clamshell 500
VW-BP7 7 x 7in bagasse clamshell 500
VA-SH89 9 x 6in bagasse clamshell 200
B002 9 x 6in 2-comp bagasse clamshell 200
VB08 8in square bagasse lunch box 200
VB09R 9 x 8in bagasse lunch box 200
VB09-3 9in square 3-comp bagasse lunch box 200
VB08-SR 8in source-reduced square lunch box 200
HW-B003 6in heavyweight bagasse burger box 500
HW-B001 7 x 5in heavyweight bagasse clamshell 500
HW-VA-SH89 9 x 6in heavyweight bagasse clamshell 200
VW-C2 Medium bagasse chip tray (7 x 5in) 500