Compostable Food Containers

Compostable food containers, perfect for everything from hot soups and stews to ice cream sundaes. Flat CPLA lids available for hot food and clear PLA domed and flat lids for cold.

Code Product Case count
SC-06 6oz soup container 1000
SC-08 8oz soup container 1000
SC-10 10oz soup container 1000
SC-12 12oz soup container 500
SC-16 16oz soup container 500
SC-24 24oz soup container 500
SC-32 32oz soup container 500
VLID90S 90mm flat CPLA lid (fits 6 – 10oz soup) 1000
VLID115S 115mm flat CPLA lid (fits 12 – 32oz soup) 500
VL90D 90mm dome PLA cold lid (fits 6 – 10oz soup) 1000
VL115D 115mm dome PLA cold lid (fits 12 – 32oz soup) 500
V115F 115mm flat PLA cold lid (fits 12-32oz soup) 500
Q4 Large soup sleeve (fits 12 – 32oz soup) 1400