Flight Case Labels

Being trusted to supply a tour of any size is big news for business. Twisted Origination’s flight case labels cannot only aid logistics and equipment management but can also help the world to see that it’s your business and your equipment they’ve trusted.

We have just invested in a new Acuity F flatbed printer which delivers outstanding image quality.
With this, we can print directly to the 400mic gloss clear pvc in full colour with text sizes being able to go down to 4/5pt without any problems, then backed up with White and finally the double sided foam applied to the back (with this process you can bleed off the edge without any trouble of shrinkage).

Write On – Wipe Off – Reuse

Write your information directly onto the flight case label. When you’re done, wipe of the ink with an anti graffiti wipe. The case label is then ready to use again for the next client or tour. General Sharpie marker pens resists bumps and scrapes, yet removes easily with anti graffiti wipes.


It’s Your Design

Have what you like, where you like. Our flight case labels are not restricted by layout, colour, size or shape. You can have the layout that best suits you, your business and most importantly, your clients.

  • 3 standard sizes to choose from (127x178mm, 210x150mm and 290x190mm) or choose your own
  • Full colour print
  • Any layout design
  • Display your contact details and your logo

Ultra-Tough Adhesive

With an outstanding hold onto almost any surface, our aggressive foam adhesive is one of the strongest in the world.


Protected From Within

Shielded beneath a 400 micron heavy duty PVC layer, our under-surface printing technology helps to keep your label’s print design protected.

If your not needing a heavy duty flight case label, then why not check out our temporary Tour Labels?

Flight Case Label Templates