Point of Sale

The point of sale display is a form of sales promotion that you tend to see near checkout counters. They are designed to get the customers’ attention to a product, which may be an offer, new product or a special event such as holiday sales etc. POS displays can be anything from displays stands, display packs, dummy packs, mobiles, posters, banners, strut cards, table talkers, till toppers and under menu boards.

Some of the common items that are found in POS displays are batteries, dvd’s, lingerie, cosmetics, magazines, books and soft drinks.


The POS displays are normally covered in branding for the product they are trying to sell and are generally made from foamex/foamboard, cardboard or perspex/plexiglass. All of which are intended to be replaced or disposed of easily. This means that your POS displays can make full use of colour to make it visually appealing. Please note there are some displays which are fixed or non-disposable, which can include lighting or coolers etc for soft drinks.

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