NCR Sets/pads


Twisted Origination are specialists in customised NCR Printing. Perforate your customer copies for easy removal, while your copy stays safely in the pad.

Uses for NCR’s: invoices, delivery notes, accident books, contracts, credit application, hire application forms, leases, order pads, prescription pads, picking lists, purchase orders, sales enquiries and statements.

NCR Options:
• NCR Books: stapled at top or side with a cover. Sheet(s) that will be torn out are perforated for easy removal. Sheets to be kept are left un-perforated and retained in the book for record-keeping.
• NCR Pads: glued at top or side so you can remove sets as used for immediate filing.
• NCR sets: glued at top or side, but separated into sets. Useful where only a small quantity is required for sharing amongst several members of staff.

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